Qrating Concrete

Ready Mixed Concrete Manufacturers· Association (RMCMA) is pleased to publish the first issue of its Bulletin "QRat1ng Concrete". The issue highlights the efforts made in evolv1ng and implementing Quality Scheme for ready-mixed concrete in lnd1a-initially as a self-regulatory scheme by the RMCMA and then as an independent and upgraded third-party scheme by the Quality Council of India (QCI). Salient features of the upgraded quality scheme are also described.

By publishing these details we are hop1ng to sat1sfy the demand from consultants and spec1fiers for making available the list of QCI certified plants belonging to RMCMA member companies at one place. The list is prov1ded city-wise and alphabetically for ease of use.

RMCMA is glad that the QCI Scheme is rece1v1ng wider acceptance - both from the government and the private sectors. The bulletin includes recommendations from Karnataka and Pondicherry PWDs. Bruhanmumbai Mahapalika, CIDCO, Navi Mumbai and also a number of consulting engineering firms across the country.

We are sure that the readers will find this bulletin Informative and useful.

President, RMCMA
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