RMCMA- Minimum Health And Safety Standards

Members of the Ready Mixed Concrete Manufacturers' Association are committed to follow certain basic minimum standards in ensuring Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards in the operations of their ready-mixed concrete units. This controlled document is issued in support of RMCMA stated OHS commitment; to achieve the highest practicable standard of health and safety. These minimum standards form an integral part of the RMCMA member's commitment to good governance and compliance with these shall constitute a core value of our Industries health, safety performance.

The intention of this document is to provide guidance for members on good health and safety practice, which shall be applied in conjunction with applicable laws and regulations relating to occupational health and safety. These Minimum Standards, as they suggest, represent the lowest level of health and safety compliance acceptable within the RMCMA, and members shall be encouraged to achieve and maintain higher standards in all areas of health and safety performance.

This document was evolved by the RMCMA's Health & Safety and Environment (HSE) Committee and has been approved by its Managing Committee.

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