Chennai hosts Quality Council of India Round Table meeting:

Chennai hosts Quality Council of India Round Table meeting on RMC plant certification scheme

Chennai also known as the "Detroit of India" for its automobile industry and one of the cities listed to be a Smart City was recently (Aug 20/2015) the venue for discussing some of the ways to improve the quality of construction, particularly concrete construction.

he occasion was a meeting convened by the Quality Council of India (QCI) and sponsored by #Ready Mixed Concrete Manufacturers’ Association (RMCMA). Supporting the event were top concrete producers of the country with about 25 reputed consultants from Chennai eager to learn about QCI’s RMC plant certification scheme (RMCPCS).

In his opening remarks, RMCMA President Mr.M. Ravishankar talked about the various activities of #RMCMA including knowledge sharing and consistent effort to bring the best of the standards and practices in RMC manufacturing in India. He explained how the plant certification process, a self regulatory scheme introduced and practiced by RMCMA culminated into the current QCI RMCPC Scheme.

Mr.R.D. Khatri, Consultant to QCI, gave a presentation on Quality Council of India, focusing its efforts in bringing the quality culture in India. He also covered the various aspects of certifying and accreditation schemes of QCI and their benefits to the industry and consumers. He explained how RMCPC scheme is governed by QCI and its role in accrediting the certifying bodies, which certifies RMC Plants.

Mr.Vijay Kulkarni, Technical Adviser to QCI RMCPC Scheme, delivered a detailed lecture on the salient features of RMCPCS. He explained, through various examples, how QCI’s RMCPC Scheme, enhances the ability of RMC manufacturing process and system and how such a capability certification could be beneficial to the concrete construction and to the society at large. He stated that the scheme can be used for short-listing of concrete producers. The fact that there is a growing acceptance of the scheme amongst consultants and government/private sector authorities was also highlighted.

Following the presentations, the Q& A session witnessed a large number of attendees participating by raising questions, seeking clarifications, making suggestions and explaining their point of view; evidently stressing their requirement for quality construction. This interactive session covered how QCI’s RMCPC Scheme could bring in a better understanding between the RMC manufacturer and the customer. The discussions sought to introduce performance based concrete products, bring in more transparency through data sharing, introduce accountability in manufacturing and delivery, provide for a periodical audit, specify and receive RMC based on fit for purpose concept. The general consensus was that recommending and adopting QCI’s RMCPC Scheme is the way forward for the construction Industry.

Mr. Sivakumar, Technical Advisor, RMCMA welcomed the participants and Mr. Jayesh of RMC Readymix (India) – A Division of Prism Cement Ltd , proposed the vote of Thanks.

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